Polycarbonate Wall Sheets

POLYCARBONATE SHEETS are architectural solution products with ultra-violent properties, Polygal and Topgal have wide applications area such as:
Skylight, Bus stop shelter roof,  Overhead Bridges roof, Atrium roof, Entrance and Walkway canopies, Interior designs, Shading and Partition.
Roofing: Open roof, Terrace, Car park canopy

Translucent polycarbonate sheets, designed for architectural daylight applications, provides:
(a) Exceptional quality of light  (b) High thermal insulation  (c) Ultra Violet ray protection  (d)  High impact and weather resistance  (e) Aesthetical beauty  (f)  Ultra versatility (Colour ranges and sizes)

Its joining system consists of a vertical standing seam and u-connectors to lock the sheets together giving it superior water and air tightness. It is an outstanding roofing material that offers high light transmission for industrial structural roofing and for domestic applications

Here are images of our Poly carbonate Wall Sheets

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